Responsible Sourcing Policy

Maple Herbs’ Business Principles and Responsible Sourcing Policy proves our commitment to the human dignity and labour rights of those, involved in our supply chain.

Business Principles  

Maple Herbs’ Business Principles confirm that we conduct our operations with honesty, integrity and ethics. We clearly voice our opposition to forced and child labour. We want to provide our customers with quality products free from the stain of slavery and human trafficking.

Vendor / Supplier Compliance  

Maple Herbs requires responsible practices in our supply chain. Maple Herbs’ Responsible Sourcing Policy (“RSP”), which is accepted by our suppliers, helps to implement this commitment and establishes non-negotiable minimum standards for Maple Herbs suppliers in the areas of product authenticity, product life validity, hygiene and safety, sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Our RSP requires that our direct suppliers comply with all the law and regulations in the countries within which the supplier operates. The RSP also contains the benchmarks expected of our suppliers relating to all of the International Labour Organization’s Fundamental Principles. Maple Herbs may appoint third party auditors to investigate any reported non-conformity made in good faith and discuss the finding with the supplier. If remediation is required, the supplier will be expected to coordinate with Maple Herbs and implement a corrective action plan and timeline to effectively and promptly resolve the RSP non-conformity. Maple Herbs also reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any supplier who does not comply with Maple Herbs’ RSP.

Workforce Training  

Training and knowledge on Maple Herbs’ Business Principles is provided to our own workforce on a regular basis, to fulfil our commitment of Fair Business Practices and elimination of Forced Labour, so as to maintain a healthy and fair working environment.

Maple Herbs’ Business Principles and Policies will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world. It will continue to have practical value in our day to day business and Maple Herbs strives to ensure that its employees follow these principles in substance and spirit.